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Posted by Life Lens Motivation on Thursday, April 8, 2021

 I never understood how some people could go through life viewing the world as simply black and white. I always saw life as this multifaceted, ever-evolving string of events that carried me forward into the future. I saw life through different lenses. This is what sparked the idea to start Life Lenses Motivation. A need for me to express the different lenses in life that affect how we react to the big, wide world around us.

My name is Daniel Thornton, and I am on a mission to alter the way you approach mental illness, therapy, and life itself. As someone who has faced my own struggles with depression, anxiety, and ADHD, I take a kindhearted approach to finding the therapists, resources, and motivational techniques to help you live a life you are proud of and comfortable in.

After years in film, higher education, and business, I have finally found my passion for helping others through the same hardships and trials I faced on my own journey of self-discovery. Through my website, blog, and coaching services, I hope to help you spark change in your life and find the right lenses to lead you to the next phase of your development.


Cognitive Behavior Online Therapy

Life Lens Motivation is promoting Online Therapy Sessions provided by Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo PhD. and her team which  is based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which is one of the most commonly used psychotherapeutic approaches for treating mental health problems. CBT helps you to identify, challenge and overcome your dysfunctional thoughts, behaviors and emotions.

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Services Coming Soon

  • Short Mental Wellness Online Workshops
  • Mindfulness Online Courses
  • Life Coaching One to One Sessions
  • Web shop with training courses, self help resources, guide books and more!

My intention in this blog is to look at life experiences of my own and some amazing characters, friends, and mentors that I have been honored to come across in my life and tell some of mine and their stories that will hopefully give you some spark and motivation and create your own picture of the future looking through your own lenses.