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Online Workshop - 4th June at 6pm CET

Staying Mentally & Emotionally Healthy @ Work

by Mentor/Trainer Adrian Xuereb Archer 



Today I am working in delivering training and also creating courses and mentoring programmes that aim to help people understand that joy is possible in life and that they can live it when they work to be able to choose feeling joy.

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This workshop will be a 2 hour online session on Staying Mentally & Emotionally Healthy @ Work

Date: 4th June 2021

Time Zone: (CEST)

Time: 6pm

Price: 30 EUR

As work pressures increase, staying mentally and emotionally healthy is challenging. By looking at understanding mental health with exercises and guidelines, a person can at least find resilience and at most rekindle a sense of hope in themselves and others.

Adrian will taking us through some tips and tricks to keep you in a positive frame of mind at your workplace. Join us for this interesting session and book now to reserve your seat.

If you have any questions you can email us at info@lifelensmotivation.com  

Award in Leadership and Managerial Effectiveness - 25 Hour Course

Live Global College Webinar

Posted by StudyWorld GlobalCollege on Monday, March 22, 2021

Info session event was held on Facebook

 Mr. Adrian Archer, lecturer at Global College Malta and Mr. Daniel Thornton, Head of Admissions and Founder of Life Lens Motivation held a 60 minute session about the CPD course - Award in Leadership and Managerial Effectiveness designed for working professionals in need of up-skilling.

Covered points:

1. Introduction of the speaker and to the agenda of the webinar
2. Who would benefit from the Award in Leadership and Managerial Effectiveness
3. What are the problems and aspirations of the participants who decide to read this course? How does the course help them overcome issues and reach goals?
4. What is the content of the course and how is this relevant to today's business?
5. Why should I book and start this April?
6. What government incentives can I benefit form? How much will I actually pay?

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