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Life Coaching One on One by Mariola Sienko  

Confidence Coach & Qualified Psychologist

Are you ready to find your inner strength & make your life happier and more satisfied? PACKAGE of 6  Online Sessions *One hour per session* - 400 EUR


Life Coaching sessions-one on one. 

My Holistic approach provides support which will meet your mental, emotional and spiritual needs.

Contents covered of each session:

  1. Making peace with where I am in my life right now.
  2. Acceptance of the things I don't have control of.
  3. Deciding to get in charge of my own life and get back my " driver seat".
  4. Shifting unswerving beliefs about myself into positive ones.
  5. Reconnecting with my intuition and finding an important answers within.
  6. Reconnecting with the real sources of my strength.


Clearing the path to my real Happiness!

A package of 9 life coaching sessions with the cost of 600 EURO

*One hour per session*

  1. Meeting and facing my biggest fears.
  2. Letting go of the past with a gratitude.
  3. Making friends with my own uncomfortable feelings.
  4. Meeting myself on the heart level.
  5. Unlocking my inner potential and talents.
  6. " Joy is the key"- connecting with my lightness and playfulness.
  7. Time to level up my self-worth & self- confidence.
  8. Embracing my heart desires.
  9. " I am choosing to be happy". What are the things that make your heart sing?