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Are you a Mentor, Health Professional or Life coach?

I am looking for collaborators to partner up with me on a revenue share model basis to create online life coaching, mindfulness courses and mental health online therapy assistance via chat, calls, video and more. 

Get in touch with us and let’s talk more about this opportunity to provide your services on my page!

In the last few weeks, we met up with some amazing mental health professionals, life coaches, and trainers and started the discussion on how we can give something back during these changing times where the pressures are higher than ever before during one of the toughest psychological times of this decade during a pandemic that has changed the world as we know it.

Life Lens will be designing in the coming month various Online Workshops, training sessions, and panel discussions with different collaborators on various topics which support your well-being and mental health towards achieving your goals and improve your life as a whole.

Stay Tuned and in the meantime Stay Motivated and Stay Safe!

Are you a Blogger or a content writer and want to contribute or publish your work online related to the topics on this page? Get in touch now and we can support each other! 

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