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You are a constant work in progress and there is no finish line!

Published on 11 April 2021 at 18:37

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Posted by Life Lens Motivation on Sunday, April 11, 2021

Meet Lisa Martin and her amazing wellness success story. When working towards our health and wellness goals, we tend to focus on the finish line, rather than the journey.

This often results in unexpected feelings (anticlimax) once we cross the finish line or falling off the wagon in pursuit of it, giving up before we ever reach it.


According to Stanford Neuroscientist, Dr. Andrew Huberman, most of our dopamine release is not from achieving goals, but actually released when we are in pursuit of our goals. It's what allows us to pursue things for long periods of time even when the outcome is uncertain. Therefore dopamine is released en route to goals — because you need it to replenish motivation and drive. 

My aim in writing this is to be open about my journey. I want to be relatable. It hasn't been short or easy. And it's ongoing. There are struggles, I have fallen off the wagon. I work at it. I changed my mindset from one that focuses on the finish line to that that focuses on the here and now. My journey. I'd like to inspire and motivate where I can and help those who would like to get on a healthier path so as to feel good, have their brains switch on and eventually look good too. The journey is dopamine filled, exciting and fun. The best part about it is that we are always in competition with our current selves, can make endless improvements to our minds and bodies. This is eternal and there is no finish line.

This is my wellness story (see captions). How I felt through the years and how and why I have invested my energy into becoming a Functional Medicine Health Coach.


This journey was put into first gear when I clearly identified my WHY: My purpose is to support those around me become a better version of themselves as I continue doing the work to become a better version of me.


I hope we can inspire and learn from each other. I hope our paths will cross soon.

2005, studying at uni. 

Food unrestricted
Lived at moms or at dads
Did not enjoy going out of the house as I had very low self-esteem
Did not feel well or healthy
Did not like mirrors 
Weighing scale was the forbidden truth 
Wore a black shirt over everything to cover up. 
Food was comfort and not nutrition, information, medicine.
Exercise was a foreign concept. Saw it as pain, discomfort.
Did not feel like I was enough.
Too comfortable in my comfort zone but not comfortable being me.

2010 (5 years later) 

No big change from the previous picture apart from a little more travelled.

2020, a few months into covid. 

Living independently for 6 years now
I fill my house with the foods I want
Strict Diet and exercise regime
Brain cognition on fire
No bonus meals 
No alcohol 
No chocolate 
No balance
Felt incredible yet restricted  
A year after I truly stepped out of my comfort zone and began to truly eat well and exercise regularly
4 years after a painful break up which brought me to my lowest point and crushed my self confidence but which I'm now so grateful for as it launched me onto this wellness journey
A year after I moved on in my 11 year career
A year after I really reflected on my why. My purpose: to support those around me ti become the best version of themselves as I work on becoming the best version of me.
A few months into my journey as a health coach and feeling the genuine desire to share my story and help those around me. 
Nourishing relationships 
I am so enough
Feeling good 
Loving life

2021, yesterday.
Balanced lifestyle. I try to balance. It's sometimes a struggle
Daily decision to eat well and exercise 
Look forward to bonus meals

Life unrestricted 
Learning to propel myself out of my comfort zone every occasion I can. 
Mirrors are my friend 
Weighing scales are a guide but not bible 
Some more kilos to lose for optimal health and well being 
Love the rush of exercise 
Love swimming and walking
Love eating well
Have 3 squares of dark choc daily with coffee after lunch
Love bonus meals and rich wine and chocolate every now and then 
I Struggle with balance and sometimes feel guilty when I have successive bonus meals or wine or choc. 
I make up for the above in the following days. 
My lifestyle makes me feel good, mind and body. 
The above requires daily decisions. 
Never miss a work out because it lights my brain up
I set boundaries with family and friends
Nourishing relationships 
I am so enough 
Strong and curvy
I'm real 
I'm healthy 
I'm happy 
I'm living my purpose 
I have so much to be thankful for
Feeling good 
Loving life 

Written by Lisa Martin


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