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Improve your mental health with exercise

Published on 10 January 2021 at 08:29

Physical activity as often as possible is so important for your health! At least an hour a day should do the trick and get your blood flowing and I personally feel so much better when I go for a walk. There are many forms of exercise one can opt for of course ex: swimming, cycling, running and many more.

In our country Malta, we are lucky to be surrounded by the sea also and you can get creative with the type of exercise you want to undertake. A newly popular one is canoeing which is so mentally meditative and physically healthy, that one feels reborn after a good one-hour session in the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. The result of this will be a boosted brain with neurons firing and a dopamine and endorphin release that put a smile on your face and makes you happy.

For people who work in an office sitting down for eight hours this is so important and crucial that you if you don’t the side effect of stress and anxiety can be shown in your mood. I personally feel very stressed when I go more than a few days without at least a 30-minute walk or a gym session. Get that blood pumping and feel majestic.

At the start of the new year, I took it upon myself that during the weekends at least on a Saturday or a Sunday I would take my car with a friend and in Malta there are some wonderful treks where one can make it fun and exciting. Thanks to my friend Joe and his motivational attitude, it was a beautiful walk around the area of Rabat and walking towards Dingli. Joe has been a rock of support in the twenty years I have known him. This 7 km trail was something spectacular as I had actually never been to this place and my brain felt like I was in a heavenly state whilst the chemicals started working.

Once the trail was over I felt like I could overcome any problem and tackle any stressful situation that I would find as I was now at peace. What followed was a spectacular plate of Linguine with sea urchins as a cherry on the cake and happiness was in place on the first Sunday of the new year.

After this I was onto blog writing and smashed it on this great start to a mesmerizing Sunday trek in the sun. Like some people, I highly look up to quote;

#OnwardsAndUpwards – Eman Pulis

#MakeItCount – Keith Marshall

#StayAwesome – Mike De Graaff

#BelieveInYourself - Joseph Meli Attard

Covid-19 Fitness

Like many people going through the Covid-19 pandemic, it can be hard to exercise if you are used to structured training or going to the gym. Fear not, as YouTube is filled with fitness video ideas which you can do on your own in your own home just by using a Yoga mat and your own body weight. Wake up early and do it!

I mean even if you walk around in small spaces it can can help.

See video below with some exercise you can do on your own by Alfonso.


Migra Il-Ferha (Trekking Trail)

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