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Through a looking glass!

Published on 13 April 2021 at 11:44

Keeping in tune during this time of distress is a perfect time to share positive energy and improve mindfulness.

This global pandemic has been really quite a worldwide shock that has affected everybody globally. We would hear stories from history such as the black plague as if they were myths or phantoms from time, but really these are real tragedies that unless experienced we seem to not verify their true capacity. It's funny how we become aware of differences or similarities among one another as once life's pace slows down we seem to take the time to take a closer look. This affects us emotionally as well as mentally (and physically), and noting such is important to qualify the changes that take place inside of us as well as understanding that which surrounds us. What is of primal importance, however, is recognizing that which might challenge our understanding or hinder our journey in our paths of development and growth. Sharing and opening our hearts with those who love us, we can trust, and have our utmost benefits in mind. Lace on to internal peace and multiply it by spreading it with those around you.

The ability to sensitive to your emotions is not a weakness, but rather the most powerful tool that one can master. With the process of actually experiencing the emotion, absorbing, and overcoming it, one is properly able to delve deep into the issue at hand, no matter the nature of such.


Fear is a normal emotional reaction purposefully positioned in the brain that exists for a very good purpose. We procrastinate and escape issues that our mind tries to avoid when a matter comes along which it deems challenging, hindering the self from reaching the goal of management. This function occurs for a reason. It is either not the right time to approach the topic, or you have not yet achieved the required tools in order to deal with it. This is not a negative process as such processes are influenced by many factors, one most prominent being that of external environments. If the moment is not right, don't push it, things need time and resilience for proper clearance. It is perfectly OK for us to "fall", sometimes making us feel as if we have failed, but it is right here in the terminology where the correction needs to be made. This feeling of disappointment in the self most commonly arises from the action of comparison. Do not compare yourself to the person next to you, you are unique, this will only lead to thinking you are not good enough. Instead, switch your mindset on focusing on empowerment and self-actualisation.


The hurdle is not one of resistance to the impact of the emotional wave, but rather the ability to consume it to the fullest to best appreciate the reality of it, the values learned from doing so, and finally outlining the relevance of it all. Voicing and bracing ourselves can be the scariest journey, but fear not in believing that the toughest tasks reap the toughest results, and in what else should one invest in the top resource that we possess which is our very self.


When we identify issues that we are not content with, feel discomfort, pain, or even sadness, different people react in different ways. Here is where conflicts arise and taking a step back to assess before forming judgment is highly advised. This is a whole topic in itself but what I'd like to outline here is the beautiful and massively undermined value of being thankful. Thankfulness for health, for shelter, for family and loved ones, for opportunities that life provides for us to build ourselves the lives we deserve and dreams we cherish. Thankfulness for the abundance of freedom of information, shared knowledge, and social structures that enable us to reach out when one needs that little support to straighten back up when storms come our way. Sometimes actually we do not even realise just how overwhelming these resources are to the extent that our minds become somewhat intoxicated into a state of disabling procession of data visa-vis using the tools that we are provided to be more productive and elevating ourselves to betterment.


Words like "comfort zones" and "needs" are passing us by as if we are no longer actually still listening. Have we noticed how caught up into lifestyles we might have become that do not actually make us happy, or maybe the feeling of feeling caged by the "system"? Are we actually? Or do we just need to flip the coin over and look at things from the other side? These words are nothing actually than just that; words. The definitions and meanings entangled are connected to the thought processes we attach to them. Just stop and relax when it feels like things have gotten out of control, and transfer your focus on tapping to the beat of the song that life sings.

Lastly, I would like to share a few personal tips that have helped me in my journey towards self-love.

- Learn how to slow down; simplicity can be so gratifying
- Does anybody remember that book/movie "Eat, Pray, Love"? It works, take a lone trip, stuff yourself, cry over a soppy movie, read poetry.


Get to know yourself
- Self-care
- Love for nature
- Breathe
- You are your own best friend
- Accept and forgive
- Document yourself



Life is a duality, a ying-yang swing of the balance that the natural forces beyond us push and pull for sustenance. This is a fact, and it is just the way it is. Do not get stuck on words like "perfection", we are organic creatures, think about that for a little while.


Thank you for the time to read my rambles, I hope I have provided any form of information you can utilize in your own personal path to happiness. 

Written by Christabel Zerafa

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