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Women discuss Mental Health!

Published on 18 March 2022 at 12:30

Hi all! This is not a specific female-targeted audience what I am about to mention. But this group is very proactive in current matters and persons in charge diligently manage to achieve changes through perseverance and good feedback from this group.

Something i am very passionate about personally, and I find so underrated here on the island of Malta is that of Mental Health management. Even having seen the latest news about the Sliema victim, it shows the psychiatric and the legal authorities are not in tune.

The fact that the subject is a taboo is hindering building required bridges for actually providing people with treatment required as they are mixed alongside other sub groups that are not fully mental health issue related.


What could make this taboo easier on both patients, and their family members? How could we better help integrate these persons into social communities? Granted there are some fantastic care workers out there, but it seems as if the system is not yet complete. Integration is very difficult and services provided are not as efficient as they should be due to what appears might be lack of interest from funding bodies.

Volunteer work for instance could be a great start to provide communication and comfort to patients who sit around all day as they are required to be isolated at Mount Carmel Hospital. Resources are there, but further education and applied techniques could definitely make a difference.

This is a personal reflection from personal experience, I would love to hear what you all think about this area of social concern.

Here are a few points to consider:

- service provision/resources at Mount Carmel Hospital in Malta
- support for out patients treatment
- proper correlation of social welfare benefits
- accessibility to services such as banks, housing for patients with no family support
- social inclusion
- are we in line with other European countries ?
- topic inclusion in political agendas especially now that elections are round the corner

Written by Christabel Zerafa


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