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The Significance of Self Discovery

Published on 9 January 2021 at 00:06

The Significance of Self Discovery

Do you know who you are? This question might seem bizarre at first. You might say that you obviously know who you are. You know your name, your history, your preferences, and your likes and dislikes. But ask yourself this - do these tell the whole story of who you are as a human being? If you sit and ponder over it, you will realize that you are much more than the identity you have constructed for yourself over the course of your life.


To understand who you really are, you need to venture deep within yourself. You need to peel off the numerous layers that you might have covered your true self with to deal with the many facets of life and the world. Once you do that, you'll get to the core of your being - your authentic self. This is the process of self-discovery, and it can be so powerful that it can change your whole life and your understanding of who we are as human beings.


The significance of self-discovery can only be understood by considering the journey it sets you on. Once you truly grasp who you are, there is no going back. It changes you in profound ways that can, in turn, lead to profound changes in your life.


Knowing The Purpose of Your Existence

Out of all the realizations that self-discovery brings with itself, your purpose in life may be the biggest one. Suddenly, you realize what you really want to do in life or what you have always wanted to do but couldn't muster up the courage to do so. For some, the experience can be so powerful that they feel as though they were born to follow their purpose. To them, their purpose almost becomes like a mission set by a higher divine force itself.


This is important for many reasons. First off, when you are following your purpose, you experience a sense of contentment that you simply couldn't have experienced otherwise. In today's world, if you take a look at people's lives, you will realize that most people are doing what they do because they "have" to do it. Not because they "want" to do it. As a human being, you have infinite potential and you certainly can and should pursue your heart's calling.


Secondly, knowing who you are and your purpose in life can have a spillover effect on the other aspects of your life. Your relationships can become stronger because you are in a much better state of mind. You can become more successful and prosperous because you put your heart and soul into your work. Your health may improve significantly because you are not as stressed out as you were before. And last but certainly not least, you become much happier. If you ask me, this is the single biggest reason why you should dedicate yourself to knowing your purpose via the path of self-discovery. Don’t you feel so too?

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