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The Truth Will Set You Free

Published on 2 January 2021 at 12:11

When I was growing up without a father, I felt a void in my life and it was very confusing at the time and I used to hide all my emotions from people and in my teens I started to build a persona which was this confident and outgoing individual.

As time went by, I met many friends from more stable or more wealthy families and there was something inside that felt empty. Today that I am much older I have managed to become more self-aware of what that feeling was and I am more emotionally intelligent because of it.

At the time I used to exaggerate the truth to feel better about myself and I used to catch myself lying to friends about who I was or what I owned to put myself at their level. I found through time that this is counter productive and you find yourself caught in web of lies that changes you and makes you feel ashamed. We are who we are and we do not choose where we are placed in the world and thus being truthful about ourselves and what we are feeling is liberating and people are more understanding than we give them credit for.

In this blog, I promised myself that I will write nothing but the truth and in that I hope to motivate others to being truthful about themselves to command respect. Once we can find it within ourselves to accept who we are and try and be better human beings we will truly be free to rise above all the challenges we face and hit them heard head on.

These past years have shown me that life is not a road map that we can plan out and we can only as the Round Table men I have met in my life say Adopt, Adapt and Improve ourselves and guide others to be shining beacons of hope in this crazy world we live in.

‘Be only who you truly are and be the light of your own darkness’

How the truth has changed my outlook

Being honest has been truly liberating for me. If someone asks you that famous question. How are you doing? Do not just answer with the typical I am ok answer. Be honest about your emotional state or well being and you will see that people can actually identify with you and possibly give you true and honest genuine advice based on something deeply moulded in their soul and provide insight to you.

To feel well with others, we must first feel good about ourselves and this is the journey that we can only find within one’s self. If being honest about something has its repercussions than so be it but the reality is that it is better to live in truth then in a hamster wheel web of lies.

So says the Life Lens of Motivation

Daniel Thornton





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