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The right path is around the corner

Published on 12 January 2021 at 20:10

One with Nature

On a great beautifully cloudy Sunday with a sweet temperature of 20 degrees within the beautiful natural wonder of the island of Malta, experience that what was to become a soothing and motivational day was underway. Whilst trekking around this beautiful trail between Fawwara and Dingli cliffs my dear friend Joe and I came across some really wonderful nature surroundings. Upon walking around nearly half way of this 9km trail we came across a huge orange and lemon orchard which took us by surprise and we stopped to look at it in wonder. It seems trivial in such a large world of natural wonder however for an island like Malta which is one of the most densely populated country in the world full of buildings everywhere this was a true sight for sore eyes.

It was in this moment that we both realised that even on such a small island we can always find something wonderful to see and the feeling of being surrounded with nature brought us such a deep joy to us. These treks which started in the first week of January 2021 turned into some of our best Sundays in a very long while producing a natural high for the whole week. We have thus decided to introduce a personal challenge called ‘Il-Mixja’ (The Walk) as per our fitness levels of course. This will entail either a trek of at least 7km or a similar activity such as canoeing as long as we are doing some form of fitness and being in nature every weekend on a Saturday or a Sunday for the next six months.

Further down the trail we lost internet and thus went a little off track and this could have been nothing but fate. As we continued on, we noticed that there was a private vineyard as we struggled up quite a steep hill. It was here that we found the vineyard warehouse door open and as we were taken pictures of this amazing field of grapes a charming gentleman and he approached and greeted us with kind eyes. As we chatted away, we were curious to understand if he organised wine tasting tours in his private venue and that is when this encounter turned into magic.

He promptly invited us in for a taste of his new wine which was working on just that morning. As he explained his method, we stared at him in wonder. He is producing an amazing wine which is the first of its kind in Malta infused with some amazing herbs. This was such an amazing and unique experience that quickly turned into a friendly encounter drinking almost a whole bottle of this exceptional wine which he will be launching soon thus we were honoured in being the first to have the opportunity to taste this delicious wine.

At sundown we were back just on time to get back to the city to get some well-deserved food after completing our 10 km trek.

''Sometimes taking the wrong path can take you on a longer route but sometimes along the way it will be worth it and it is OK to get lost sometimes as good things are always just around the corner.'' 

Daniel Thornton

Week 1 : Dingli Cliffst & Zurrieq


Week 2 : Rabat, Fawwara & Girgenti 

Week 3 : Majjistral park 

Week 4 : Xrobb l-Għaġin

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