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Il-Mixja (The Walk) Challenge evolving into El Camino De Santiago De Compostela for Charity

Published on 31 January 2021 at 18:49

Sometimes we all start our years with New Years resolutions with various unreachable goals that we never see through. This year my friend Joe and I set out something quite tangible and  practical one which thus far in the four weeks we have ventured this has resulted in nothing short of amazing both physically and mentally. 

We called it Il-Mixja (The Walk). We essentially have to meet up at least once a week during the weekend and pursue some form of outdoor pursuit and at the moment it is indeed Trekking. 

After coming four weeks in and increasing our distance every week, this morning at the fifth juncture and at the end of just the first month an inspiring individual Keith Marshall came to mind that has been climbing mountains for charity for over twenty years. His famous quote is ''Make it count'' and make it count we did today. I decided to join one of their training treks for one of their three challenges ie: The famous El Camino De Santiago today to test out my physical endurance to see whether I am up to scratch to go on to take it on myself and whilst following this amazing group of people and the feeling of togetherness we managed to conquer nothing short 18km in one morning.

We started in Rabat and trailed all the way around Dingli, Fawwara, Buskett and other amazing sites that Malta in the Mediterranean has to offer and at the end of our trail we had to make a traditional pit stop in Rabat to savour our traditional Maltese pastizzi to refuel. 


After joining this inspirational group today, I feel compelled that if I had to take up this journey, it would be one of the biggest personal challenges I have ever tried thus far and I have procrastinated long enough. I have thus decided that this will be my community outreach charity project for the year and a personal challenge to get to Santiago De Compostela in one piece improving my physical and mental health tenfold in these crazy times in a mad world and achieving something better for myself whilst giving something back to the lesser fortunate. 

The idea of this event as described by the organisers is ''To bring people together to do the last 100 km of the Camino di Santiago from Sarria to Santiago whilst collecting funds for a named charity thus I have decided to take this challenge on and join this wonderful group and I commend Mr. Keith Marshall for yet another amazing outreach event that will change lives. 

Join me in supporting this challenge and contact me should you wish to donate for this great cause.


Mr. Keith Marshall is the Chief Philanthropy Officer of the SiGMA Foundation. Check out what he himself has to say about this challenge in the link below. 

The Brown's Camino Challenge by the SiGMA Foundation

Published by Daniel Thornton

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